Monthly Archives: April 2014

Learn More About Trauma Sensitive Schools

For many years now, I have had the good fortune of working with a group of professionals from around the state working on increasing trauma sensitive practice in schools. This group has produced some amazing work, including a toolkit of resources available on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website. We originally launched the site in 2011 with a PowerPoint … Continue

Best Thing About the Job: Providing Hope

I am the new Clinical Consultant-NMT Specialist for SaintA, providing child-specific assessments and recommendations through referrals to our clinical services program. NMT™, which stands for Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, is a metric tool that was developed by trauma expert Dr. Bruce Perry of the ChildTrauma Academy. It looks at the neurobiology, developmental history and current levels of functioning of a … Continue

Sensory Trainings Fun for Clients and Staff

The SaintA Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program deals with many children who have difficulties regulating their emotions and behaviors, which can impact many areas in their lives. SaintA recognized this as a common difficulty for these children, and to assist them, and their foster parents, the TFC program created sensory trainings in early 2013. The sensory trainings are presented by … Continue

Groundbreaking Child Welfare Research

SaintA is known for being a leader in innovation in the human services arena. As an agency we constantly strive to improve both our product and the experience of our employees. The continuing application of trauma informed care (TIC) has been revolutionary for our organization and our community, but for some time now we have wondered how to utilize it … Continue

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