Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Art of the Science

It’s been seven years since SaintA began its journey to implement a trauma-informed philosophy and practice across the entire organization. We’ve built a trauma-informed model based on the evidence of scientific research, trained all our staff, trained thousands of others across Wisconsin, closed and added programs, pushed to do things differently, celebrated some and struggled sometimes, too. We’ve developed a … Continue

Double Dog Dare You

Dogs need jobs. Some dogs herd sheep. Some lead the blind. Some do police work. Bentley, a Bernese Mountain Dog, volunteers with owner/handler Cheryl Pabich to help combat loneliness, promote self-confidence, and improve the quality of life for youth who have experienced trauma or may be developmentally delayed. This sweet, friendly, well-mannered canine takes his job as a Therapy Dog … Continue

A Solid Relationship Turns a Life Around

This is a story of Shanay finally finding a home …within herself. Shanay entered SaintA’s Independent Living Services program when she was 18; that was four years ago. Shanay’s birth family has extensive history within the child welfare system. As one of many siblings in the foster care system, Shanay learned early on that trust was non-existent, and the best … Continue

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