What Sets Us Apart

What people say about SaintA:

“The fact that SaintA is a national leader (in trauma informed care) means I have a great resource for helping me think through how we deal with this. I don’t have to go to Harvard or Berkeley or the University of Chicago. I can pick up the phone and have them work with me on this. It’s very comforting.”

— Eloise Anderson, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

“It’s a tough, tough field. The professionalism across the board at SaintA is stunningly impressive to me. Whether it’s Teri at the top or the receptionist who greets you, they ooze integrity. And their commitment to the kids first is always apparent …”

-– Linda Davis, Chair, Partnership Council, BMCW

“These kids (in the child welfare system) are so used to people giving up on them. (SaintA) hangs in there.”

— Charmian Klyve, Rock County Human Services Director

“I’ve been struck by how they’ve been willing to engage with forums at the state and national levels to try to move the whole field (trauma informed care) forward. They haven’t taken the approach of keeping their knowledge to themselves. They’ve been a catalyst and a leader.”

— Fredi-Ellen Bove, Administrator, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

“Every one of the SaintA staff we have here could be considered experts in a number of areas, most notably trauma-informed care. But they’re also experts on the kids they’re serving. These people know what they’re talking about, can put it into context, can break it down for (others). They do a great job of communicating about complex situations in a way that other staff and the foster care parents can understand.”

— Karry Mielke, Manager, Youth & Family Services Programs, Racine County

“They’re professional. They don’t have a cookie-cutter model, which to me explains why they have such good outcomes. This is a relationship-building service. If I have a new case worker every time I turn around, I can’t trust. I don’t know how they do such a good job of providing seamless service, but that’s how it feels to me.”

— Eloise Anderson, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

“The foster families don’t feel intimidated by the social workers there. They feel they can be open about problems without being punished … They’re dealing with parents who don’t have high value in the community. Their professionalism brings respect to those families. People change because someone in their life believes in them … And that’s what I see particularly (at SaintA) … Their model allows the families they deal with to get what they need.”

— Eloise Anderson, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

“We contract with 40-plus agencies. Without a doubt, SaintA stands out. (They are) a key link between mental health services and the schools.”

-– Jim Strachota, Director of Human Services, Washington County

“I don’t know of another agency that critiques their own performance more than SaintA. (Their administrators) are forward-looking and, as a leadership group, they’re accessible to talk with, and we like that. They’re responsive, they’re innovative, they take the initiative.”

— Bruce Kamradt, Director, Wraparound Milwaukee

“(They have) dedicated therapists. They are very tolerant. In my experience with agencies, they’re at the top of the list. I use them to compare all my other residential treatment experiences.”

-– John Muente, Social Worker, Sauk County

“They are outstanding in terms of treatment. They really have made a significant difference for the children we’ve been able to involve them with. We’d favor SaintA over any of them, in large part because of the trauma informed care they provide, because the communication is excellent and because they hang in there with the kids. It’s their training, their orientation, the knowledge base that they bring to the child.”

-– Charmian Klyve, Rock County Human Services Director

“(They have) a commitment to outcomes and display integrity. (They have a) culture of caring about their employees. (There is) a true commitment to doing the right things for the right reasons. This gets transmitted throughout the organization. I do trust totally that, at the end of the day, every single decision they make is going to be about what’s best for kids.”

— Bruce Kamradt, Director, Wraparound Milwaukee

“They’re intellectually curious. They really are lifelong learners. Their attitude is always, ‘We know we can do better.'”

— Linda Davis, Chair, Partnership Council, BMCW

“I know if there’s a problem, they’ll tell me. If I ask a question, I’ll get a straight answer. If there’s an egregious incident — which there is going to be occasionally because that’s the kind of business we’re in — they’re not going to try to cover it up. I do trust totally that every single decision they make is going to be about what’s best for kids.”

— Arlene Happach, Former Director, Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare

“I appreciate that St. A provides good care and they’re compassionate but they also run it like a business, with good customer service.”

— John Muente, Social Worker, Sauk County

“The bottom line with St. A is that we are able to communicate, problem-solve, work collaboratively and support each other.”

— Jesse Mireles, Human Services Manager, Waukesha County

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