Foster Care and Adoption

Children have all kinds of needs, and we need all kinds of individuals to help them through troubled times. SaintA has a long history of providing out-of-home care. We started in 1850 as two separate orphanages created in response to a cholera epidemic, and we have been licensing and supporting safe, nurturing foster homes since 1984.

We also provide adoption licensing and services, taking great care to match the varied needs of a child with the skills and experience of the foster or adoptive parent. Caring and loving foster and adoptive parents are at the heart of what we do. They’re part of our team.

We’re all about helping foster and adoptive children succeed – and thrive.

Grow Hope at SaintA

Because the needs are so great – and the rewards greater – we have a separate website dedicated to foster care and adoption. The site is a rich source of information for current and prospective foster, adoptive parents. Please visit

Treatment Foster Care Referral form — Please return to our Treatment Foster Care Referral team at!

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