SaintA advances foster care, education and mental health services to children, families and adults throughout southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. Click on a service area below to learn more about how we serve the people in our community.

Care Coordination

Care coordination at SaintA works to build support networks within the community for children in the Wraparound Milwaukee program, a type of managed care program designed to assist children with complex mental health and emotional needs.

Child Welfare

Contracted through the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services, SaintA works to provide children with services that ensure safety, permanence and well-being.

Family Services

This program provides clinical and supportive services to families from the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services. The goal of Family Services is family unification, promoting well being and keeping families together.

Foster Care and Adoption

This program provides safe, nurturing foster homes for children who are unable to live with their families.

Youth Transitioning to Adulthood

SaintA is involved in a number of efforts to provide high quality services to foster youth who are leaving the system because they turn 18.

Integrated Community Treatment

SaintA provides therapeutic and mental health consultation services to children and families throughout southeast Wisconsin using multiple platforms at every level of intervention.

School Based Services

This prevention-focused mental health program, conducted in a student’s own school, helps children in elementary and middle schools whose emotional or behavioral challenges are significantly affecting school performance.

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