Amid a Lot of Unknowns, Stability for One Foster Boy

Want to Learn More About Stability for Foster Kids?Antuan’s team consists of case managers, licensing and placement specialists and of course, his foster family.To learn about case management careeer opportunities with SaintA, go to our Case Manager Job Listing.To become a foster parent, visit the month of May, we are publishing blog posts from SaintA staff who know our … Continue

Foster Mom of Siblings Replaces Fear with Safety

Want to help kids stay safe?To learn about case management careeer opportunities with SaintA, go to our Case Manager Job Listing.To become a foster parent, visit often wonder what makes a good foster parent and the answers can be complex. Hours of training, extreme commitment, and a good sense of humor are all must-haves. Foster parents attend training in … Continue

Caregiver Capacity and New Year’s Resolutions

Chances are pretty good that you made a resolution this year – in fact about half of all Americans make a New Year’s resolution each year, and most are around wellness. We collectively resolve to make a change to eat healthier, exercise more, drink less or spend more quality time with loved ones. Maybe you’re even more ambitious and you … Continue

Community Engagement at the Street Level

Partnerships are some of the best Community Outreach tools we have. Currently, SaintA partners with Milwaukee Police Department District 7 and a number of faith-based organizations on a pretty regular basis.One program is Adopt-A-Block, where we go into a neighborhood and pick up garbage that’s blown around and remove snow and ice if needed in the winter. A group of … Continue

NMT Info Sharing, From Scotland to SaintA

This past fall, SaintA welcomed a visitor from Scotland. Dan Anderson, Senior Forensic Psychologist of Kibble Education and Care Centre, spent two days with us. During our conversations, Dan and I realized Kibble and SaintA have a host of similarities: Kibble was founded in 1840 upon the death of philanthropist Elizabeth Kibble who left a portion of her estate to establish … Continue

On Giving Tuesday, Give our Clients a Future

If you’re like me, your inbox and social channels have been inundated today with appeals from various non-profits. I love the concept of Giving Tuesday because it puts worthwhile causes in front of us that we may not have otherwise known about. Here at SaintA, we have one of those lesser-known causes with our Independent Living Services (ILS) program.A recent … Continue

What Does the SaintA Toy Drive Mean to You?

Initially a grassroots effort by SaintA child welfare staff who wanted to make the holidays a little brighter for the kids they worked with, our Toy Drive continues to grow. Our goal this year is to collect 2,000 toys to ensure every child we have in foster care gets a new gift this year.We thought we’d take a moment out … Continue

Top 7 Toys for Teens

Did you know 25% of kids in out-of-home care in Wisconsin are teens? It’s important to remember that teens are kids too! The SaintA Toy Drive was started several years ago with the idea in mind that every child (no matter their age), deserves something special during the holidays. Below is a list of toys and gifts that would be … Continue

7 Gift Ideas for a Small Budget

The SaintA Toy Drive was started several years ago with the idea that every child deserves something special during the holidays. We know that it can often be difficult to pick out the perfect gift for any kid, regardless of their story; so we compiled a list of seven great gift ideas for any child, that will fit within your … Continue

ABC-V is now “Fostering Relationships”

We recently told our foster parents about ABC-V, an innovative approach that allows foster parents to provide real-time coaching to bio families by being present during Family Time interactions.Thus far, nine SaintA caregivers have been trained in the ABC-V intervention model and are interested in joining this pilot once the time is right. Children placed in their home need to … Continue

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